70-640 Microsoft Active Directory exam – Passed

For the past few months I have been learning Active Directory on Windows Server 2008 R2 in order to take the certification exam. This morning I took the exam and passed it.

I have been wanting to do so many various IT related certifications for the last few years but have been distracted so much, first by going to university and then starting full time work. At last I’ve finally made some real progress on achieving the certification goals that I’ve set and by passing this one today it has motivated me to continue.

At the moment I am studying for the MCITP: Server Administrator which basically requires the following 3 exams:

70-640: Configuring Active Directory
70-642: Configuring Network Infrastructure
70-646: Server Administrator

Now that I’ve completed the first one I’m trying to decide which to complete from here. I may take a break from the Microsoft path and do some Linux/networking but I’ll see what happens, part of me just wants to get this MCITP out of the way so that I can move on to better things. I have much more experience in basically anything that is not Windows, so this was a lot of new material to cover.

The Active Directory exam I took had a few sneaky questions but otherwise it went pretty well and I got a decent score out of it – not that this really matters as only pass or fail is what you get.

I studied for it by watching the TrainSignal, CBT Nuggets, and Preplogic videos a few times. I spend a fair part of my day commuting via bus to work each day so I just watch these on my tablet.

In addition to this I also read the Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-640) Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory (MCTS) (2nd Edition) (Microsoft Press Training Kit) book a few times which is a recommended learning material by Microsoft.

The book also came with some practice tests which I spent an afternoon on and they were definitely worth the time as I found at least a couple of questions in my real exam come close to these on topics that I didn’t otherwise fully understand from my previous studying, so they were good practice.

Now to delete my test virtual machines and for a nice break before moving onto what ever is next.

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  1. Thanks for your interesting posts! I am about to start studying for this exam shortly (also in Australia), but so far have the book as my only resource.

    You mentioned TrainSignal, CBT Nuggets, and Preplogic videos… I am curious regarding your access method?

    Did you sign up for accounts with each of these providers, did your employer provide you with them or did you use another method I am not aware of?


  2. Hi Michael,

    Cool, good luck with the exam. In my experience the book is the best resource I used, it had detailed information that all of the videos brushed over or simply didn’t have time to include.

    My employer was able to cover exam costs + some of the study material costs, however I have also downloaded the materials from various places online too, namely torrents.

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