Welcome to RootUsers, I’m Jarrod – a Systems Administrator from Australia currently working within the web hosting industry. My interests are all things technology, computer and Internet related.

The purpose of RootUsers is mainly for me to share useful information within the system administrator space with the world, whether that be through guides, tutorials, reviews, news or how to posts.

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  1. Hi Jarrod,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information. It is very very useful. Amazing content. I would really like to follow all your articles. I tried to import your RSS feed [https://www.rootusers.com/feed/], however its not coming up as a valid RSS feed? I tried it in a couple of online feed validators, and they are all coming up with an internal error? Are the RSS feeds disabled now?

    Thanks a lot for taking time to sharing this information with all of us.


    • Hey, I haven’t intentionally made any changes to the RSS feed, I can still load it up in Firefox and I’ve tested it at least one application. Are you able to let me know what it’s not working properly in and I can investigate? Thanks.

      I used an online validator tool and I’m guessing it may be this problem documented here? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/30622729/feed-validation-ssl-error. If it’s related to that bug or something specific Cloudflare is doing with TLS there likely isn’t much I can do.

  2. Jarrod,

    Your article ‘How To Repair An AWS EC2 Instance Without Console’ was a real lifesaver. Thank you!

    The way your website is format is just what I’m looking for. How do you compose your web pages?

    Thanks again,

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