In the beginning, there was a post

Greetings human, I’m Jarrod and I currently work as a Systems Administrator in Australia at a web hosting company and it’s awesome. My interests are basically all things technology, computer and Internet related.

The purpose of this blog is for me to document most of the useful stuff that I learn, and hopefully that information will be of value to someone in the future. I may also post other nonsense at random I find interesting.

Ever look for something on the Internet only to not find the answer? Or even more frustratingly is when the only information you find is from someone with the same problem saying they have fixed it years ago with no further information on how they did so.

I have this on an almost daily basis, probably something to do with technology and software changing so frequently.

In any case I’m going to use this blog to post all that random coolness and if someone else gets something out of that, then that’s great.

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