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Implement Antimalware Solution with Windows Defender

This post will cover the 70-744 exam objective “implement antimalware solution with Windows Defender”, we’ll show you how to work with Windows Defender in Windows Server 2016.

By default Windows Server 2016 comes with Windows Defender installed and running. This is an improvement over Windows Server 2012, which had nothing by default although with some work you could install Windows Defender manually, however this solution was of course not officially supported.

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Where Is The php.ini Configuration File In CentOS?

Where Is The PHP Configuration File php.ini In CentOS Linux

How can we find the default configuration files for the PHP packages in CentOS Linux?

By using the RPM command we can query a package to find all of its associated configuration files. Failing that we can use the find command to search the file system for these files, as we will see here.

Finally we’ll cover how we can use a phpinfo file to show us which configuration file is in use.

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Configure BitLocker Group Policy Settings

In this post we’ll show you how to configure BitLocker group policy settings. When you enable BitLocker Drive Encryption a number of default settings will be used, such as the strength of the encryption. We can customize these using Group Policy in an Active Directory based domain, allowing us to control the BitLocker settings that get rolled out to all machines in the domain.

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