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Updating Solaris via Squid Proxy Server

If you have a Solaris server that does not have direct access to the Internet and cannot perform an update, what can you do? Configure a proxy server that has Internet access of course! Here is how it’s done.

In this example we will be using the popular Squid Proxy. While this can also act as a cache we are only concerned with its proxy functionality here. We will also be configuring the Solaris publisher to make use of a proxy server so that updates are downloaded through the proxy.

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Compiling NRPE and nagios-plugins for Solaris 11.2

I have some Solaris 11.2 storage servers which run a number of ZFS pools, I wanted to monitor these through NRPE via Nagios. To do this I needed to compile NRPE and nagios-plugins from source, this article covers how this was done.

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