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Configure Squid Proxy To Forward To A Parent Proxy

Here we’re going to take a look at configuring two Squid proxy servers to forward requests from an internal network with no connectivity to the Internet out to a DMZ network and then onto the Internet if required.

The configuration will allow us to select which domains should or should not be forwarded on to the next proxy server, allowing requests that are destined for domains within the internal network to not be forwarded to the next Squid proxy, while other requests to the DMZ network or the Internet will be forwarded to the next proxy.

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Updating Solaris via Squid Proxy Server

If you have a Solaris server that does not have direct access to the Internet and cannot perform an update, what can you do? Configure a proxy server that has Internet access of course! Here is how it’s done.

In this example we will be using the popular Squid Proxy. While this can also act as a cache we are only concerned with its proxy functionality here. We will also be configuring the Solaris publisher to make use of a proxy server so that updates are downloaded through the proxy.

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