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How To Upgrade PHP 5.6 to 7.1 in CentOS 7 Linux

How To Upgrade PHP 5.6 to 7.1 in CentOS 7 Linux

In this post I’ll show you how to upgrade PHP 5.6 to 7.1 in CentOS 7 Linux. I performed this process today on this server and wanted to document the problems that I had along the way, along with relevant fixes.

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How To Secure Invision Power Board (IPB)

How To Secure Invision Power Board

This guide will show you how to increase the security of an Invision Power Board (IPB) installation. We’ll walk through practical examples for you to follow to harden IPB, reducing your attack surface.

There are a lot of insecure default options which unless modified will put you at a higher risk of being compromised by an attacker. Here we will outline what should be modified to increase security of IPB.

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Deploy a Basic CGI Application With Apache


Most web pages don’t serve only simple static content, they typically process and display all sorts of different dynamically generated contents. This is usually done via scripting, whereby the web server will process and execute a script and the result will be displayed to the user.

While CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is fairly old it does allow the web server to execute various types of scripts. Scripts such as PHP, Perl or Python can be used for example, allowing us to combine the power of scripting into our web pages.

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A guide to Cloud Linux

Cloud Linux

The purpose of Cloud Linux is to improve the overall stability, reliability and performance of a shared server. Cloud Linux limits each individual account to a set amount of CPU and memory (RAM) resources. This means that rather than a server going under load and becoming slow for all users on it, only the account causing problems will be restricted. As Cloud Linux is becoming more common on shared hosting servers, it is important to know how to troubleshoot common problems that come up when using it to get the most out of your website and hosting environment.

I’ve used Cloud Linux for over a year now and think it’s great when used correctly, this article includes everything I have learned while using it during that time. A lot of users don’t like it because they have experienced it cutting the performance of their websites. With this guide you will be able to pin point issues and then work on resolving them. Although this information is aimed towards the server administrator, users within the Cloud Linux environment will find useful information for checking logs to find problems with their websites.

This article will be focused around cPanel, however most of the main points about Cloud Linux will still be directly useful for other control panels, such as Plesk.

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Installing Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.4 from source

I’ve just been through the process of installing the latest versions (as of this writing) of Apache 2.4.2 and PHP 5.4.5 from source on a new Debian 6 virtual machine for the first time.

I had some small issues along the way and thought I’d do a short post on the process I went through to get it working and resolve various errors which may help someone out. First we will install Apache, followed by PHP.

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