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Where Is The Hosts File In Windows Server 2016

Where Is The Hosts File Located In Windows Server 2016

The location of the hosts file in Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 hasn’t actually changed from previous releases of the Windows operating system.

In this quick guide we will show you where to find the hosts file and how it can be modified.

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Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Installation Guide

How To Install Hyper-V In Windows Server 2016

Here we’re going to show you how to install Hyper-V in Microsoft’s Windows Server 2016 operating system.

Hyper-V is a hypervisor built into Windows which can be used to host virtual machines. The role can be installed either through the command line interface (CLI) with PowerShell, or through the graphical user interface (GUI). We’ll cover both of these options below, starting with PowerShell first.

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