Monthly Archives: June 2015

Free up disk space in Citrix XenServer

A Citrix XenServer dom0 currently runs with a 4GB root partition which is pretty small by today’s standards. A small amount of usable storage space can be quite easy to quickly fill. It is therefore important that dom0 has free space in order for it to operate correctly. Here we will cover some different methods that can be used to free up disk space within XenServer.

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Virtual machine fails to power on in Citrix XenServer

After rebooting a virtual machine running CentOS through Apache CloudStack it appeared to be running, however it failed to boot up. The status through CloudStack showed the virtual machine as running, however the console did not load any content and connections to it failed. After checking the virtual machine directly through XenCenter it was clear that it was not actually running.

In XenCenter the virtual machine had the red stop icon on it and was definitely stopped. Performing a reboot through CloudStack did nothing, and stopping the instance through CloudStack resulted in the virtual machine being removed from XenCenter as expected. When starting it back up again and watching XenCenter it did appear to power on for a couple of seconds as shown with the green play icon however it quickly went back to the stopped state.

Powering on virtual machine in XenCenter

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Can’t boot ISO as HVM in Apache CloudStack

Recently while trying to boot from an ISO in Apache CloudStack I received the error “Unable to start instance ‘hostname’ (UUID), see management server log for details”. The ISO media did not support installation as a PV guest in XenServer 6.2, it needed to be installed in PVHVM mode which required the following work around in order to boot correctly.

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How to reserve your free Windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be officially released on the 29th of July 2015. In preparation for this you can now reserve your free upgrade if you are currently running Windows 7 SP1 or 8.1 right within the OS with these simple steps.

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