Monthly Archives: May 2015

New Server Upgrade – A Scalable Solution

For some time now I have wanted to move this website over to a newer server in order to improve overall website load times around the world. First I’ll cover the old server, what I was looking for and how I decided on a provider.

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Fixing Blue Screen in Windows after XenServer Tools Update

I had a Windows Server 2008 R2 virtual machine running on XenServer 6.2 SP1 with all updates and patches applied, however it was still running an older version of XenServer tools. The tools were version 6.0.2, and this was causing problems with backups from Arcserve freezing and not completing. To fix the problem I needed to upgrade XenServer tools to the latest version of 6.2, easy right? Think again.

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XenServer Virtual Machines Stop or Pause During Migration

Recently I had a whole lot of problems migrating virtual machines running on XenServer 6.2 and 6.0.2. Sometimes the migration would fail and the virtual machine would stop or pause resulting in down time, here is how the problem was investigated and fixed.

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Fix a CloudStack instance stuck in an incorrect state

In Apache CloudStack it is possible for the database to become out of sync with what is actually happening. For instance if there is a network issue preventing CloudStack from correctly connecting to the hypervisor or virtual machine and you try to shutdown or reboot a server, the action may not actually take place despite the state in the CloudStack database being modified.

This can cause the instance to show as being in the ‘starting’ or ‘stopping’ states for instance, however the virtual machine may already be fully booted or completely powered off. To fix this we can manually update the management database to the correct state.

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