Monthly Archives: September 2013

How to use the CloudNS DNS resolver with Windows

In this post I outline how you can set up and use the CloudNS DNS resolver on a Windows computer. CloudNS is a free security focused service currently providing two servers in Australia for DNS resolution. CloudNS only allows connections with DNSCrypt which ensures messages are safely and securely sent to the resolver and not tampered with, DNSSEC is also supported. The resolvers also support Namecoin resolution which is an alternative decentralized DNS system, allowing you to start accessing .bit domains. CloudNS also does not log any of the queries or connections taking place, keeping things anonymous.

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Problems with WinSCP verifying SSL certificates

Lately I’ve been working on setting up a file server on an Amazon ec2 instance with ProFTPD so that I can upload files using FTPS/SFTP. I had some issues getting FTPS to work correctly despite using a Rapid SSL certificate from GeoTrust that I purchased. I attempted first with FileZilla, and then with WinSCP but both gave me the below error and had problems verifying my SSL certificate.

Unable to get local issuer certificate. The error occurred at a depth of 2 in the certificate chain.

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