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Loading different website content based on country with GeoDNS

Have you ever wanted to serve different DNS records out based on the location of the originating request?

Using the GeoDNS Bind patch we can have resolve to a server in the US only if the requesting IP address loading the page is based in the US, and then have all other requests forward onto a server based in another country. You will be able to point a request for a domain from any country code to specified DNS records with this method.

This can be beneficial for many reasons, it will allow faster website page load times in different countries due to all content being served by the nearest server. It also allows you to run up different websites for the same domain in different countries as these will be running on different servers.

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Compiling the Haskell Warp web server

In my process of benchmarking various web servers I have come across the Warp web server, which runs using Haskell. Warp is supposedly the fastest Haskell based web server and having learned Haskell a few years ago I was keen to see what it could do.

I will be going through the process I took to get Warp up and running as this is my first time using a Haskell web server and I had some problems getting it going.

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Compiling Synergy from source on the Raspberry Pi

Recently I set up my Raspberry Pi and the first thing I wanted to do to make it usable was to get Synergy working. Synergy is a program which you can use to essentially connect two computers together so that you can interact with both using just one keyboard and mouse.

I’ve previously used Synergy on x86_64 based operating systems without problems, but never on ARM – which involved compiling Synergy from source. As I had a few problems along the way to solve I figured this post would be useful for people going through the same process.

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Unboxing and setting up the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi unboxed

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi as a cheap and low power alternative PC to leave online 24/7. This is just a quick post covering with a few pictures of the unboxing and set up process I went through with the Raspberry Pi.

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Performance difference between IIS 7.5 and IIS 8

Windows IIS Benchmark

Here is a quick benchmark of IIS 7.5 and IIS 8 to get an idea of the performance difference between these two Microsoft web servers for Windows on different numbers of CPU cores and different levels of concurrent connections. IIS 7.5 was tested on Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter, while IIS 8 was tested on the Release Candidate of Windows Server 2012.

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